Conquer up to 50 fast paced mini-games or challenge your friends and be the king of the party

Fast Paced Mini-Games challenges for everyone!

Beat up the 50 fast paced mini-games, complete the achievements, and defy your friends to see who is the best!

  • Up to 50 mini-games to beat!
  • All genres, from puzzle, to action, dodge, runners etc..
  • 3 Game Modes: Arcade, Multiplayer and Custom selection
  • Up to 4 player locally!
  • Up to 13 achievements to complete

You have only a few seconds to complete each mini-game!
Think fast, react faster and be the king of the party!
You have only 3 lifes, how much can you last?

Share your score with your friends and challenge them to beat you !

Are you ready for a new and exciting experience? give it a try !

Simple but addicting game with hours of fun !
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